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will the BRO cave and stream fortnite?!…


Turns out Yes, yes he will #lol!!

See you in SEPT!!


LIVE SHOW – starts again in SEPT!!

Maybe earlier! As the Bro sets up a NEW, #Cannabis Dispensary in BC! Join the BRO and MORE for PUBG, FORTNITE, BFV, and more… more … lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

a month of silence – AND WERE BACK

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Squad is a game based on team tactics, its a game where the single man is really not a threat. Where a 9 man team can just appear out of the bushes at you. If you are a true military enthusiast – this IS the game for you!

FOR MORE on SQUAD – check out the OL YOUTUBE PAGE! or BETTER YET here’s the VID to watch! Part 1 of our 5 PART medic series – dedicated to SQUAD!