with 3 new games on the headline roster – SEASON 3 of the BRO SHOW is going to kick off with a bang!
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“i’ll see you LIVE again in the fall after a summer of VLOGGING and EXPANDING the STUDIO!”
– the BRO – Returning September 8th 2017 (LIVE)

As we close season 2 with over 300 live productions – OVER 104,000 VIEWS and over 1142 fans… I have to say this.

THANK YOU ALL for supporting this show and making it the success it now is. I will never loose touch, never pew out, and never ever stop producing!! 😀

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and we will see you all back on the BRO SHOW LIVE! in September! 😀 (2017!)


LUV YA! – the BRO